seems that my original models for my Four Horseman project, tend to not work out.  My "Pestilence" model has changed from the original model, It will now be the beautiful Jessica.  The same thing happened with the original model for "Famine".  My "War" model just notified me that she is pregnant, so the search for a new model will commence once I'm done shooting "Pestilence", which will be Sept. 4th!!!!!
Yesterday was another First Friday here in Kansas City.  Sold Notebooks at Scarlett Garnet, one of the best Jewelry makers in Kansas City!  Met a Clothing Designer by the name of Nicole Rapp.  If her work is indicative of the dress she was wearing, I would be delighted to work with her! (If you are reading this Nicole, Contact me ASAP and let's collaborate!) 

Upcoming projects-

~Finishing up photo processing of photo shoot with Emily Badnews

~My mom is working on a headpiece that I'm going to use to shoot the lovely Felicia in.

~"Pestilence"(part two of my four horseman project) should be shot at the end of August/early September

~Working on Wardrobe for "War"(part three of the four horseman project)

~Beqi King, my talented Makeup Artist partner in crime, has an interesting project that I'm going to shoot       for her.

As always keeping busy at JM Studios!~ Jeff