I'm going up to Davenport, Iowa and the Quad Cities tomorrow to see some old college friends and to walk around the haunts that I used to inhabit for six years of my life.  I hope to do some photo shoots while I'm out there, but for the first time I'm have had a hard time getting models.  It's actually probably a good humbling experience, just to check my ego, so I don't get too big for my britches.  :)  So we shall see if I come back with model photos in my camera memory contraption or not.

P.S.-  Surprisingly enough Quad Cities has some amazing restaurants!  It is home of the best Thai food I've had in the United States so far!  I expect to gain at least five to ten pounds on this trip. :)

P.S.S-  I had an article written up about my current project and Fridays show.  It can be found Here

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