So the beautiful Red Kilby was gracious enough to work with the likes of me, while up in Davenport, Iowa.  She also surprised me by telling me that our Makeup Artist that she provided was none other than Danielle Colby from the History Channel show "American Pickers".  Not really knowing who she was at first (I don't watch a lot of TV!), I referred myself to some episodes off of Amazon.
Not only did Red supply me with a wonderful(and super friendly, awesome) Makeup Artist, she also supplied me with an amazingly talented and beautiful hairstylist named Mary Francis.  All three ladies Red, Danielle, and Mary rocked it.  They were extremely talented and very enjoyable to work with!  I hope these ladies visit me again but this time in Kansas City!  Yay!

Photos from the shoot will be posted soon!
I'm going up to Davenport, Iowa and the Quad Cities tomorrow to see some old college friends and to walk around the haunts that I used to inhabit for six years of my life.  I hope to do some photo shoots while I'm out there, but for the first time I'm have had a hard time getting models.  It's actually probably a good humbling experience, just to check my ego, so I don't get too big for my britches.  :)  So we shall see if I come back with model photos in my camera memory contraption or not.

P.S.-  Surprisingly enough Quad Cities has some amazing restaurants!  It is home of the best Thai food I've had in the United States so far!  I expect to gain at least five to ten pounds on this trip. :)

P.S.S-  I had an article written up about my current project and Fridays show.  It can be found Here
Thank You so much for everyone that attended my First Friday showing at Scarlett Garnet in KC.  I was overwhelmed with positive feedback and support from friends and patrons.  Thank you Kansas City, for being a city that supports art.  A big thanks as always to my models and to my makeup artists, without their work, my work would be nothing!

I'm planning on shooting the second part of my Four Horseman project in August(Mid-Late).  I will be shooting Pestilence with the lovely Kat Kalashnikov(pictured below) from Charlotte, North Carolina.
Photo by Jason Dulin photography