Yesterday was another First Friday here in Kansas City.  Sold Notebooks at Scarlett Garnet, one of the best Jewelry makers in Kansas City!  Met a Clothing Designer by the name of Nicole Rapp.  If her work is indicative of the dress she was wearing, I would be delighted to work with her! (If you are reading this Nicole, Contact me ASAP and let's collaborate!) 

Upcoming projects-

~Finishing up photo processing of photo shoot with Emily Badnews

~My mom is working on a headpiece that I'm going to use to shoot the lovely Felicia in.

~"Pestilence"(part two of my four horseman project) should be shot at the end of August/early September

~Working on Wardrobe for "War"(part three of the four horseman project)

~Beqi King, my talented Makeup Artist partner in crime, has an interesting project that I'm going to shoot       for her.

As always keeping busy at JM Studios!~ Jeff


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